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Getting in the mood to write

Some authors prefer the sound of silence with only the clack of the keyboard. Personally, I like to write to music. Or if there’s a really great storm outside, the howl of the wind.

There were a few pieces of music I listened to on a loop while writing The Twisted Tree. If I’m working on a particularly scary scene, I like to work by candle light. Not only did it help set the mood, but the candles, incense, and horror music warned everyone in the house to stay away – which meant I could write in peace.

The only problem was when my boyfriend nudged open the door to pass me a cup of tea and I nearly leapt out of my skin with fright.

These were some of my favourite soundtracks while writing:

Home, On writing

Visual inspiration


I have come to learn that I am a very visual writer. Until I can picture a scene in my head, I don’t attempt to write it.

Whilst working on my current manuscript, I printed out dozens of images which I kept by my computer, as well as using Pinterest.

stigWhether I need to describe a remote cabin or the way a character looks, I will search for images online that capture the idea I have in mind.

I then simply write what I see in the photo. It works for me every time. Not only that, but many of the images I found gave me plot ideas I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Feel free to take a peek at my Pinterest boards.

… I couldn’t resist sharing a photo of Stig.