I’ve been fortunate to receive feedback on my manuscript from a number of early readers. Here are a few of the reviews…

“I very much enjoyed reading The Twisted Tree, especially the way you’ve created such a strong sense of place and atmosphere. I think your writing is very promising, and that you have come up with an intriguing and well-realised concept for a teen novel.”
Ruth Bennett, Editorial Director at Stripes Publishing.

“A highly original dark fairy-tale based on Norse mythology . . . I liked what I read!”
Rachel Petty, Editorial Director at Macmillan Children’s Books

“I really enjoyed this book – well written, an original idea, with an unusual setting and some fantastic moments. Martha is a great character and I like the fact that she isn’t an automatic hero, that her bravery isn’t a given. Potentially, I think this book could do very well.”
Dr N.M Browne, author published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books.

“The Twisted Tree is a romantic, creepy, hugely atmospheric story. I really enjoyed reading it.”
L.A. Weatherly, author published by Usborne.

“I absolutely LOVE this! The concept is so unusual and strong and you write beautifully – a combination that doesn’t come along all that often!”
Siobhan Curham, author published by Walker Books.

“I think you have a very strong novel – an intriguing premise, a likeable and flawed main character, enthralling setting and a very satisfying, suspenseful plot – given greater depth by the rich Norse myths. I have also been struck by the freshness of your imagery and the beauty of the language, in particular when describing difficult feelings and in action packed scenes at the cabin. I wanted to read on at every stage and really loved the world you had created. I enjoyed it as much, if not more, than many of the books I’ve reviewed.
Saira Archer, Independent Education Consultant (previously Senior Deputy Headteacher) and children’s book reviewer at Armadillo Magazine

“I really enjoyed the whole of this book. I adore mythology and am pretty picky about myth in fiction, but I think you’ve worked them well in a fresh, YA way. You’ve got a strong, clear, engaging writing style and your ability to vary the tone is brilliant. I was seriously creeped out in places, and you nailed a tense pace and drama during the more action-driven scenes, as well as gentler, emotional scenes.”
Melissa Hyder, children’s book editor

“I read a lot of children’s and YA books, and this is something I would be very happy to have on the shelves of the bookshop.”
Anna Morgan, owner of independent children’s book store Bags of Books.

“I think one of the main strengths was how visual it was. I feel as though I can clearly see it all in my mind and like I’m really there. I liked the way all the mythology elements were mixed in with the story. Also Gandalf, love a good fictional dog! I would definitely read a sequel.”
Livia N, aged 13

“I liked the romance because it was slow, you could feel it was there but it didn’t take over the story which I liked. It wasn’t all fairy tale like, and I could picture it happening in real life. I would recommend this book to all my friends that were 11 up (or adult). I loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀
Marnie C, aged 12

“This was excellent! I forgot I was beta reading in a few places, I got so caught up with the story. Stig is adorable! He’s got just enough weird thrown in that he fits with Martha and doesn’t turn into a cliché love interest type guy. Your plot is smooth and the scenes flow logically one to the other. The creepy scenes were v scary! I really enjoyed it!”
Stephanie, beta reader